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Compassion Christian Ministries

Compassion Christian Ministries is a God-ordained ministry whose doors have been open for 13 years. On March 1st 2009, Senior Pastor Reginald Mobley and Co-Pastor Floria Mobley began to fulfill their calling and Compassion Christian Ministries was born. The ministry commenced in their home with just a few in attendance with bible study. God began to multiply, and the Mobley home could no longer accommodate the teaching of the Word of God. Compassion Christian Ministries is a growing Ministry called and placed in a community where the love and compassion of Jesus can be seen. Both Pastors have always had a heart for people, this is where the naming of the church originated. Compassion simply defined is a love for one's betterment.

Pastors Reginald and Floria Mobley

"We have a heart for ministry."

Mission Statement

Integrating love and compassion with life through serving, sharing, and learning  by the Word of God.

Vision Statement

To change a hurting world, with the capabilities the Lord Jesus has invested and entrusted in us as his disciples​ in Christ.